How Does It Work

The bad actions of some bad actors in the field of charity/nonprofit fundraisers has lead to the inevitable result that people don't trust charities so we had get creative on how to raise funds and Chris was incredibly inspired by Scott Harrison's Charity Water and their birthday giving up fund raiser, something we definitely intend to adopt.

The Homeless Charity Club is going to be a de-centralized operation and will have no office which mainly means no rent to pay, we won't hire people but we will ask for a time share support meaning that whoever is willing to be involved with us that is a:

  1. Graphic Designer
  2. Copywriter
  3. Video Editor
  4. Voice Over

will be given a project, all we ask is to dedicate 1 hour a week to that project until completion, as you can see we are really trying to minimize costs however, there are some costs we are forced to face like software, in order for us to automate several tasks.

At the moment since we are in our first steps our costs are $47 a month we reckon that as the community grows, so are the prices and numbers of software required to manage the project, but we don't think we are going to surpass the $1000 a month however we will have a tab on the monthly spreadsheet with the list of softwares we use and the monthly cost related to it.

One last expense we will have to consider will be the credit card fees we will be using Stripe (which charges 2.9%+$0.30 per transaction) and Paypal (which charges 3.4% per transaction)

How Do We Raise Funds

The project would primarily generate funds in the following ways

  1. Affiliate Marketing
  2. Content Creator Programs
  3. Ad Revenue Share
  4. Sponsorships 
  5. Merchandise

Let's explain them one by one:

1. Affiliate Marketing

Here's how google defines affiliate marketing: " a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals."

In few words we help sell other companies product and we get a commission per sale at no extra cost to the customer. If you want to learn more about this business model make sure to head over to Chris's blog The Hustle Code where he explains in depth how affiliate marketing works as well as giving a lot of suggestions on how to make money online

2. Content Creator Programs

Since this site will produce content, and our intention is to increase the reach of our word as far and wide possible, we will take advantage of all type of media to achieve so, from text based content to video content to audio and there are tons of platforms out there that will pay you (based on the engagement their audience has with your content) because by presenting value on their platform will help them retain visitors on their site which ultimately also helps them show you more ads. some of the platforms we are going to use are going to be Youtube (Feel Free To Subscribe), Facebook Instant Article and many more

3. Ad Revenue Share

This quite self explanatory but if you are not aware of what Google Adsense is, in a nutshell, google shows display ads on your site and then he shares the ad revenue with you

4. Sponsorships

This is also quite easy to understand, but will happen further down the line when our following will reach a substantial amount

We are also going to use other minor ways to generate funds and we'll add them accordingly to the spreadsheet


One of the main goals is to be totally transparent on the operation of this project and we intend to do that by sending a monthly detailed report to all our subscribers (as well as post it on our site) showing:

  1. Where the money comes from
  2. How much money came in for the month
  3. What type of expenses came out of that money
  4. Which cause we gave the money to (with screenshots)

On top of all this we will try and document as much as possible about how are those causes developing.