How Can You Get Involved

Although people have the possibility to give a regular donation, we believe that humans in general prefer to spend their money with businesses that supports a cause they believe in, so if you believe in what we do and think that you can do something to support us is very simple:

  • Join our community
  • Watch our Youtube videos
  • Suggest us to your friends
  • Read our content

Those actions will definitely help us generate funds and requires no cash input from your side, but the most important if you need to buy something online check our partners page to see if there is the one you are looking for.

For example if you normally shop on Amazon it would help us a lot if you could bookmark our Amazon link and use it anytime you need to buy something on Amazon, there is going to be no added cost for you but we will earn 4% to 8% of what you spend, might not be much, but if 1000 people a month does that you can see how this can add up

If you decide to join our cause we will ask you a couple of questions, nothing special we are talking about gender, interests, online shops you regularly buy from, email and that is pretty much it, this is going to help us send you informations and offers from our partners tailored to your persona.

If you want to get involved with us click here:

I'm a Digital Artist, How do i Get Involved?

If you are a digital artist you are either a: Graphic Designer or a Copywriter or a Video Editor or a Voice Over that likes what we do and wants to become part of it: FANTASTIC! go ahead and click here