About Us

The Homeless Charity Club is a community of people that have one thing in common: help those is in need and we do this through totally different and more modern/technological ways: harvesting the power of online marketing and all this can only be possible with the help of the team at Calculated Marketing.

The project is only a fund-raiser charity support meaning that we only raise funds digitally that we then donate to organizations we think or (you think) are making an impact and deserve to be supported. 

The idea came from a meeting between Vincent Barnett (Our Forgotten Neighbours) and Chris Gulli (Anecdote Holdings the parent company of Calculated Marketing and Olistica Group), for the next 3 months the 2 would regularly meet to brainstorm on the best way to use the power of internet to raise money in the most inexpensive way in order to give to causes 100% of the raised amount and most important, being fully transparent on: 

  1. Where the money comes from
  2. How much money came in
  3. What type of expenses came out of that money
  4. Which cause we gave the money to (with screenshots)

The first thing they both agreed on was that the project would have their faces, if you think about it beside the Billionaire Philanthropic foundations, only very few charities has a figure you can be inspired from or point your finger to if you think he/she is doing bad. 


But ultimately your involvement is a must for this to succeed.